L.I.F.E. Lending is Village Mortgage’s Low Income Financing Effort, an initiative to actively seek minority and low- to moderate-income borrowers for suitable loan products offered by Village Mortgage.We have packaged all our low- to moderate-income mortgage products under one roof to make it easy for borrowers and communityorganizations to learn about loan programs tailored to their needs.

•Promote Homeownership by educating communities regarding credit, credit repair, budgeting, savings,

and down payment options to guide them on the path to owning a home.


• Increase Homeownership by growing the number of low-to-moderate income homeowners in

underserved areas though the development of targeted products and strategic marketing.


• Protect Homeownership by helping existing homeowners in low-to-moderate income

neighborhoods maintain possession of their properties with targeted counseling and loan rehabilitation.


• Revitalize Communities by supporting home beautification efforts in underserved census tract areas located in our footprint.


• Develop L.I.F.E. Lenders by selecting the Village Mortgage personnel who demonstrate the highest professional and ethical standards to deliver our program to targeted communities.  Additionally, we will expand our outreach of active L.I.F.E. Lenders by offering education and certification to our brokers and bank partners.

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